Will Tesla make it?

Will Tesla make it?

Well, here are several reasons I think they might.

All auto manufacturers like BMW , Ford, General Motors, Mercedes Nisson and Toyota spend billions each year on advertising .

On the other hand Tesla is always in the news and it seem be recognize every where.

The car that were made in the past…were good cars or that lease Consumer Reports ranked Tesla first among all automakers in terms of owner satisfaction. Over 91% of Tesla owners surveyed said they would purchase the same vehicle if they had it to do all over again..

Tesla is only one that does not have a large sales staff….you can order the car on line and have it delivered .

Some say they would sell more if they had it….that another problem .. they can not make enough to meet the current demand.

Tesla does have production issues….the car maker is only 10 years old.. and they tend to pay their worker less wages but some of the workers feel its a job that will make the world a better place…less smog.

In addition Tesla is thinking out of the box..they
Associated with companies like Space X.

Where you have access to rocket engineers and latest advances in material, engineering and sciences.

Another company is the Solar and it related products.

How about a boring company that digs under the city for for easy access to places like the city airport.

There are other issues however.

What are the problems that has been addressed ?

The main one is the range of the electric car as opposed to the gasoline engine. The fear of running out of gas is not a problem with gasoline stations.

On the other hand, running out of electricity on the other hand is a very big problem… in order to address this issue, the Tesla has installed over 5000 super Chargers and in addition there are other companies installing other type of charging stations networks.

Like Evgo, Chargepoint, Blinkcharging, Plugshare, Chagebar, EZ-charge and LikeEVcharge…. just to name a few.

So how many charging station are there in the US?

Over 20,000 and counting…

But the big question is how many electric cars are sold in the US? ….or for that matter in the World.

The government estimate that the number of electric cars sold worldwide are over 3.2 million through 2017.

There are some 1.2 million cars in China.

United States of America accounted for 750,000.

These figures were determined in a recent survey conducted by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW).

Germany remains in eighth place with just short of 93,000 cars.

The researchers’ analysis showed that the Chinese brands BYD and BAIC accounted for the greatest number of new registrations.

Tesla has 86,700 new registrations, despite the delays in the Model 3’s rollout.

BMW finished fourth.

followed by VW in fifth place.

If the estimates are correct, the number of electric vehicles registered could exceed 25 million by 2025.

Like Tesla, many manufacturers are retooling their manufacturing facilities for electric vehicles with enormous expansions in battery cell production.

But the real cost saving will be in lowering the cost of batteries is essential for making electric cars more affordable.

To achieve this goal, Tesla has invested heavily in the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

Tesla believed that they can lower the cost of batteries by about 35% by 2020.

Looking at the big picture

Some project as much as 100 billion in battery investments— within just a few years.

China doubled registrations in 2017 with 579,000 new registrations 2016.

The United States held onto second place with 751,510, electric cars last year’s 195,140 newly registered vehicles.

Japan ranks third with 201,410 cars.

Norway is in fourth place, where authorities tallied 187,270 cars, an increase of 62,320.

Norway is also first when it comes to percentage share of all passenger cars.

They accounted for 40 percent of cars newly registered in 2017 and over 6 percent of all cars on the nation’s roads.