Who Tesla?

Tesla Roadter

Who Tesla?

How about Tesla Motors?

Tesla Motors is called “Tesla”

Today, Tesla Motors is an American electric car manufacture and a battery energy storage company that co-founded in July 2003 originally by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and is based in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla Motors was originally named after the physicist Nikola Tesla, by the way, he was also an electrical engineer.

Nikola built an AC motor in 1882.

The new Tesla Motors using Nikola concept built their first electric motor roadster and called the sport car “the fastest electric sport car from zero to 60….power by a lithium-ion battery “.

With that theme, three others join the company key players were Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Ian Wright.

In February 2004, Musk invested $7.5 million, joining Tesla’s board of directors as its chairman..

So Tesla’s early goal was to produce electric vehicles, first with a sports car eventually selling 2400 cars.

After the sport car they built a luxury sedans called Model X and then the Model S and then to an affordable compacts for the mass market code name Model 3.

Musk led Tesla Motors’ with a second round $13 million investment.

In May 2006, Musk co-led the third round with US$40 million, including Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The fourth round in May 2007 added another US$45 million and brought the total investments to over US$105 million with private financing.

Between 2008 and March 2012, Tesla sold more than 2,250 Roadsters in 31 countries.

By the end of December 2012, Tesla employed 3,000 full-time employees.

By December 31, 2015, the number had grown to 13,058 employees.

Tesla unveiled the Tesla Model S all-electric sedan on March 26, 2009, and began deliveries in June 2012.

First deliveries of the Model X began in September 2015.

By the end December 2015, after three and half years total sales of the Model S  passed  100,000 .

Tesla claim’s to have  the  world’s best-selling luxury plug-in vehicle.

The car was then followed by the Model X, a crossover SUV.

The Model 3, the company’s newest model aimed for the mass market, was unveiled in March 2016.

As of the end of September 2016,  global reservations reached 500,000 units, representing potential sales of over US$17 billion.

  As of 30 September 2016, Tesla has sold more than 163,000 cars worldwide since delivery of its first Roadster in 2008.

Musk, the CEO, has said that he envisions Tesla Motors offering electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer.

Tesla manufactures equipment for home and office battery charging, and has installed a network of high-powered Superchargers across North America, Europe and Asia.

On my birthday in October 26, 2016?

Musk  announced plans for shareholders to vote on Nov. 17 to merge with SolarCity Corp and they accepted.

Tesla raised $1.7 billion in a May offering for a total value of $3,25 billion.

 In addition they have  $1.3 billion revolving credit lines, including $300 million to support its leasing business.

Most analysts believe Tesla will need more cash ultimately……here come the Chinese.