Tesla Electric Truck



Tesla unveiled the new electric truck at Tesla’s Hawthorne, California facility on Thursday Novemer 16.

Elon Musk said that  range should in the neighborhood of 500 miles for the Class 8 heavy-duty vehicle which is in the range of 80000 pound load.

Tesla want a vehicle the feels incredible and accelerates like nothing else …which means the Tesla Semi will go to zero to 60 in five seconds even with a 80000 thousand pound load it will do in 20 seconds.

More impressive is… if a load is pulled over the Rockies or some mountainous terrain that requires five per cent up  hill load ….Tesla Semi  truck can do at 65 miles per hour and oppose to 45 mph for a fully loaded non electric and still get a 500 mile range.

Elon think that 80% of most truck routes are less than 250 miles which means that you can go to your destination and back without recharging.

How Tesla semi achieve this is because it design like a bullet with a coefficent is .36 compared to a diesel truck at .65

Not only do they have a bullet shape nose but have side flaps that mask to whatever trailer your pulling. There are no gaps. The bottom of the trailer is flat so the air flow straight through.

With four motor on each wheel and indepedent front suspension  make it powerful and ever so comfortable ride  especially a typicial seven hour shift.

With the mega charges networks …the truck can  be charge by the time the driver finish a break.

There are plans for a mega charger network with Omega solar as the source of power which means he can guarantee the electricity rates with the Tesla power pad 24/7 so the truck in running on sunlight.

The truck is design of safety. Every truck will have enhanced autopilot . Where the truck will automatically break and will automatically lane change even if you have an emergency…

The truck will stay in a lane and will gradually come to a halt and even call an ambulance if it does hear from you.

Jackknifing is the truckers worst nightmare but because the truck has four independent motor and will dynamically adjust the torque on each wheel. Hence no Jackknifing.

The truck will be incredible reliable and they are guaranteed to last a million miles.

Braking, transmission emissions, scrubbers, differentials, explosion-proof glass and maintenance are major problems for most trucker.

Elon has solved most of tfhe above….because it is an electric truck which features that the Model S and X have already solved..

Take maintenance for example….if the economic to run the truck are to high then it doesn’t make sense. If it coast $1.51 per mile for a diesel truck ….when the Tesla Semi only cost $1.26 given the following …100 mile route, at 60 mph, 80000 lbs. grows weight, $2.50 Diesel fuel, 7 cents/kwh electricity cost.

How about a truck convoy, for example three trucks in row…compare to diesel convoy where there cost double..

Although other reports estimate the range between 200 and 300 miles which probably means that the truck has a 400-mile range with 30 minutes of charging.

Musk had also promised self-driving capabilities.

Where are the large conventional truck mirrors mounted outside the vehicle?

They are replaced by two interior screens that shows images of the sides of the truck through cameras mounted under the exterior mirrors.

Tesla says that these are all part of the Autopilot system …there are also forward-facing cameras mounted at the base of the windscreen.. but they are suppose help drivers get use to sitting in the middle of the cab.

Inside, the driver’s seat is centrally positioned with a passenger’s behind and to the right of it, as opposed to the conventional trucks that have two seats mounted side by side, with some room left for other storage.

The current version does not have sleeping accommodations, however, but the a future model might.

The streamlined look is made possible by the battery pack mounted under the floor of the cab, and the driver’s seat mounted more forward to give better visibility.

Behind the cab, the two rear axles have electric motors attached on either side, for four in total.

Telsa has already secured an order for four of its trucks from Meijer Inc, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fifteen for Walmart, Canadian grocery giant Loblaw is purchasing 25 and B J Hunt have made the reservation requiring a $5,000 deposit each.

Deliverly is scheldue for 2019