So You Just Bought A New Tesla Model 3



Yes you bought it…

But my delivery date is July of this year….Yes I order first

Are there any surprises?

Lets look at what we thought we order..the new Model 3 with a 215-mile range and should accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than six seconds.

Did we order the a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version?

Well guess what? What color? What size of wheel? What only one motor?

At least for now…

We  know the autopilot hardware and software will be standard

We are not sure of the battery size …but it should between 40 and 60 KWh.

The five-start crash test rating are standard.. and it will fit 5 people comfortable by moving the dash forward and extending the rear seats back given more room for the back seat passengers.


From any seat there should be plenty of head room and a special view coupled with a complete view of the stars with it all glass roof.

Trunk space in under the hood as well as the standard trunk in the rear.

All Model 3 will come with supercharging as standard perks given the freedom of travel with over 3600 current supper chargers and more then double by end of 2017.

The new Model 3 will adapt to any type of electric from any part of the world.

With 230 service locations already to serve and now Tesla’s promise more than 500 that by the end of 2017.

Most of previous models including Model S and X are primarily aluminum, at Model 3’s price, it could be a tough cost challenge ….from Musk opening remarks at the introduction of the Model 3, he boasts that the Model 3 will be the best car in America for the price ..

Up front, the driver’s dashboard is somewhat bare except for the large touchscreen in the middle ; the speedometer readout is in the upper left-hand corner of the large screen controls which controls every thing the does..

Ok so that that….now we need to know the other things like where do we plug this in?

But What About My Home Charger?