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So What Do We Do Next


Should we install 120 volt system or 240 volt?

Or do I used wall connector or charging unit?

There three ways to look at this opportunity.

The very first is the 110 volt approach with is the volt NEMA 5-15 adapter. Did I mention that it is included in the package.

This is the slowest charging mechanism but the least inexpensive generally.

What is a NEMA 14-50 outlet?
The second way is a 240 volt outlet installed on a 50 amp circuit breaker and the most popular.

The NEMA 14-50 is the kind of breaker used for electric stoves, water heaters, air conditioners and other devices requiring more power.

It a Single phase, 208-250 Volt AC supply, 60 Hertz. Requiring a Circuit Breaker: 50 Amp because Operating Current: 40 Amp (maximum continuous current). They recommend 6 # AWG, Copper Wire Only. Upsize wire for installations over 100 feet. so much for the technical jar-gan.

The latest survey finds that the majority of the new Tesla owners install 240 volt outlet.

Remember Tesla provides no extra equipment other then that comes with the purchase.

We refer to the article above when hiring an electrician and the installation required.

After the correct installation, simply plug your Mobile Connector cord with the NEMA 14-50 adapter into the outlet and the other end into your vehicle.

Please note if installed property this installation will provide a recharge rate of about 29 miles of range per hour of charge for Model S and about 25 miles per hour for Model X, however we are not sure about Model 3..but we expect the same.

What is a Wall Connector?

The third way is the Wall Connector. This is a Tesla charging station, that is mounted to a wall or post near the car, connected by hard wired [See electrician for requirements].

The Wall Connector is a single circuit, that distribute
power to the car with a choice of different amps.
With many power options available, the most common
are 60 and 90 amps circuit breaker that will match the on-board car charger. See the Tesla web site for further details.

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