New Battery-Lithium demand

So what is Tesla doing these day.

For one thing Tesla is forecasting a big growth in batteries.

If not for all the competition that are going and coming are way.

Every major manufacture of auto, trucks, buses, motorcycles,
and all other types of transportation are going electric.

In order to go electric you need batteries…and for right now the best batteries need lithium.

Tesla in order to back their supplier of Lithium have instructed or designate its battery suppliers to buy lithium-hydroxide products from Ganfeng Lithium Co.

China’s top producer of lithium, a metal used in electric-vehicle batteries, has agreed to supply a fifth of its production to the Tesla.

Lithium based products and lithium-hydroxide from Ganfeng Lithium Co.

According to some forecasts, Tesla may need as much as 30,000 tons of lithium hydroxide a year for its battery output at its Nevada plant or the equivalent of 35 gigawatt hours.

Electric-vehicle producers including Tesla are securing supplies of lithium for batteries to protect the huge demand for growth in the industry.

LG Chem Ltd. a large battery producer for China electric car maker have also entered into a long term commitment…forcing Tesla hand.

LG Chem Ltd. in addition supply batteries to GM, Hyundai, Renault and others.

However, the most sold hybrid with a battery is the Toyota Prius
It began in Japan 1997… and sold over 10,000,000.

Nissan delivered its 300,000th Leaf electric car last month, but the vehicle went into production in 2011 while Tesla didn’t start producing vehicles in volume until 2013.

Tesla is often seen as the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer and it is in many ways, but not based on total vehicles produced – though it could soon take the lead.

The company confirmed that it recently produced its 300,000th vehicle.