Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla will produce 1,500 cars in September and, up to 20,000 cars per month in December.

Tesla had 400,000 customers pre-orders for the vehicle that included $1000 deposit with each order.

Tesla will offer at least five color options for the Model 3: white, red, silver, metallic gray, and black. But every thing is subject to change. But Black is now  in.

Tesla’s Model 3 has a starting price of $35,000.

Model 3 to date.

The measurements are as follows: 184.8 inches long, 72.8 inches wide, and 56.8 inches high, with a 113.2-inch wheelbase,

Although its  resembles  the Model S.

The Model 3 is a five-passenger sedan with a regular trunk.

With its glass roof, which arcs, from the top of  front window to the trunk lid .

This allows the passengers to have a panoramic  look as well as  greater head room in the rear.

Tesla believes the roofline and profile provides less restitances.

The body is  made of aluminum and high-strength steel instead of all aluminum, as is used  in the Models S and X.

The total weight is around 3550 pounds.

Inside  is a horizontally oriented 15.0-inch touchscreen—which includes the speed odometer interface  and any other information about the vehicle.

For example: Navigation information,  battery’s status, climate controls,  and entertainment settings.

Where are all buttons, handles,  knobs to push or click?

You find them. But they not apparent,


The Model 3, like the Model S, is a rear-wheel-drive car

with a rear-mounted motor.

All-wheel-drive versions with front motors  are expected in the second half of 2018.

The current deliveries include two versions: Standard and Long Range.

The standard version has an EPA-estimated driving range of 220 miles and will accelerate to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.

The Long Range version goes 310 miles on a charge and accelerates to 60-mph in 5.1 seconds.

Top speed is listed as 130 mph for the standard Model 3 and 140 mph for the Long Range model.

The Model 3  uses different battery technology then  the Model S all provided by Panasonic   at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.


Tesla has network of charging stations, and hopes to have over  6000 at the end of the year.

Although the Model 3 is fully compatible with that network, you’ll might have pay an extra by charging time  to use the Superchargers.

If you are one of the lucky one, however there are also tax incentives up to $7,500 federal tax but only applies to the first 200,000 cars a manufacturer sells domestically.

But the final price could be $40,000……

Tesla sold about 80,000 vehicles in 2016 and about 50,000 vehicles in 2015.

Tesla will be cutting it close to 200,000 vehicles by the time deliveries begin at the end of the year. 

But the credit doesn’t disappear the second an automaker hits 200,000 vehicles. Instead, the credit would only  fall by 50%,

On its website, Tesla doesn’t make any guarantees about the federal tax incentive.

The real story.

Anyone who buys a plug-in car in the U.S. today is eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Some states like Califorina offers $2500 plus several utility company off other bonus …..That’s more than 20% of the Model 3’s $35,000 starting price.

But that tax credit won’t last forever — in fact, it’s only good on the first 200,000 U.S. cars that any manufacturer sells.

And it looks like the tax credit would start phasing out in early 2018.

That could put a huge dent in demand if the buyer can not get the tax credit.

So If you are counting on the tax credit and it does not happen…..What a person to do?

A Tesla won’t speculate on when the tax credit will run out for its buyers.

“We are committed to providing customers with up-to-date information about current incentives at the time of purchase, we’ll do the same when it’s time for customers to confirm their Model 3 orders,” said Tesla spokesman.

But keep in mind: Buyers qualify for the tax credit when the buyer  actually buy the car, not when they put down a $1,000 deposit to place an order.

However, in many states there are also state tax credits that will continue to be available even after the federal tax credit expires.

The loss of the credit could become a competitive for the  Chevrolet Bolt  and Nison Leaf.

Tesla has sold about 125,000 cars globally through the end of March, all of them electric.

But it hasn’t said how many of those sales were in the U.S. and received the tax credit. Revenue figures indicate that probably about half were in the U.S. and will count against the limit.

Another Interesting Point

“We don’t make slow cars,” Said CEO Elon Musk when he introduced the prototype Model 3 cars.  “You will not be able to buy a better car for $35,000, or even close, even if you get no options,” he said .

Musk said the Model 3 will seat five comfortably, and he emphasized “comfortably.” After the launch event at the automaker’s Southern California design studio, Tesla executives gave guests brief rides in prototype Model 3 cars. The vehicle does, in fact, seat at least four people comfortably. Five would probably be a squeeze.


One of the lucky few that drove the Model 3 describes his experience…. “the Model 3 is an all-wheel-drive dual-motor version which would cost more than $35,000, but also will be more powerful that the base model. Acceleration was really quick, and the ride was — as always with electric cars — strangely quiet.”

“Like the larger Model S, the Model 3 has a trunk and a “frunk,” meaning there are large storage areas at both ends of the car. That gives it more storage space than any gasoline-powered car of similar size”

“The windshield and back window nearly touch, leaving only a narrow bar of actual roof to separate them, which makes for a nearly complete view of the sky over occupants’ heads. There is no gauge cluster in front of the driver, only air-conditioning vents.”

“A rectangular touchpad screen mounted on the dashboard between the front seats is the only information display. The car’s speed is displayed in the upper left corner within easy view of the driver.” said the driver.

The Fremont, Calif. factory where Tesla (TSLA) builds its cars used to produce nearly half a million cars a year when it was owned by General Motors (GM) and Toyota (TM), he said, so it should have no trouble meeting Tesla’s needs for this third model.

Tesla’s new Nevada Giga factory should also be able to produce enough lithium ion batteries to meet demand.

Tesla is ready to start shipping Model 3s equipped with an AWD dual-motor option.

First dual-motor Tesla Model 3 rolls off new line at Fremont factory

If you’ve been waiting new dual-motor Tesla Model 3, its here.

Elon Musk just tweeted a picture of the very first version of
rolling off the assemble line.

The bright red sports version with 20-inch wheels, red brake calipers, and a white interior.

The dual-motor Model 3s was not expected until July.

The Performance model, starts at $78,000 and gets specially selected motors front and rear for all-wheel drive.

Musk said a 3.5-second 0-60 time, a 155 mile-per-hour top speed, and 310 miles of range. According to Musk, it’ll “beat anything in its class on the track.”

The new version of the Model 3 is made on the new, third assembly line for the Model 3 at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California.

With the new capacity, Tesla should to be closer to meeting its goal of 5,000 Model 3 sedans per month.

The Performance trim of the new Model 3 will have 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, black and white interior and dual-motor available for $78,000 (adding $ 5000 for AutoPilot costs ).

Musk said that its cost is “about” the same as BMW’s M3 (a base model starts at $66,500), but it’s quicker by 15 percent (3.5 seconds 0-60, 155 mile-per-hour top speed, 310 miles of range) and handles well and it will “beat anything in its class”.

If you’re not looking for all of the upgrades, but simply want the second motor and the all-wheel-drive. Musk said “ option costs an extra $5,000, and it just like it used to on the Model S.

Compared to the standard sedan’s 0-60 time of 5.1 – 5.6 seconds and 130 MPH top speed, this one can do it in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 MPH.

Tesla’s other vehicles that offer dual-motor setups, allow the car for either to set up one for range or for performance, with the car constantly switching smoothly between them.

If you’ve already purchased one of the company’s electric vehicles, then you won’t need to upgrade to enjoy another new feature:

the ability to request service from your phone and have Tesla arrive to take care of it – no paperwork required.

Deliveries for dual-motor Model 3s will start in July.

If you want that B/W interior with just a single source of power, it will be available too, just in a few months.

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Tesla’s new Autopilot system will also cost at least $5,000, but more on that later.

Tesla says the car will be able to drive at least 215 miles on a single charge. That’s pretty darn good for a $35,000 car!

The latest models of the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Ioniq Electric cost about $30,000 but have more limited ranges: 107 miles and 124 miles, respectively.

The Model 3 will compete more closely with the Chevy Bolt, which can drive 238 miles on a single charge and starts at $37,495.

The Model 3 can accelerate to 60 mph in under six seconds.

It comes equipped with a new sensors that can support the new Enhanced Autopilot program.

The Model 3 comes with eight cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, one radar sensor, a new Nvidia Drive PX2 supercomputer that controls the new Autopilot system,” Enhanced Autopilot.”

The new eight cameras that provide 360-degree visibility and 250 meters (820 feet) of range instead of one camera.

The one radar sensor,  has enhanced processing that allows it to see through heavy rain, fog, dust, and even a car in front of it.

Tesla says that the Enhanced Autopilot will costs an extra $5,000 at the time of purchase, but standard safety features will come free.

The new Enhanced features will allow the car to drive at the speed in current traffic conditions, automatically change lanes without driver input, merge on and off highways, and park itself.

You can also call your car from a  parking lot 

With the new hardware, one could allow the cars to drive themselves. But the self-driving feature will cost an additional $4,000 after purchasing the vehicle.

Much is subject to new  regulatory rules.

Tesla said the Model 3 is designed to achieve a five-star safety rating.

Tesla has been a leader when it comes to safety. The government recently said the Model X was one the safest SUV ever after it earned a five-star rating in every safety category and subcategory.

The Model S has also secured a five-star rating.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is huge.

 A Supercharger can restore 170 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Better yet, Tesla is doubling the number of Superchargers worldwide by the end of 2017. The gray dots on the map above show the new Superchargers expected to come online by the end of the year.

But the perk is no longer free.

But, Tesla is bringing back free, unlimited Supercharging — but only for a  few

Starting Tuesday, anyone who uses a referral code to purchases a new Model S or Model X gets free, unlimited Supercharger access.

Tesla started its new referral program starting May 19, 2017, allows owners to give a referral code to up to five friends in exchange for certain rewards, like a limited-edition red Powerwall.

Referral Program

“Starting May 19, 2017, Tesla owners can give five friends free unlimited Supercharging and a $1,400 credit toward a new Model S or Model X with their personal referral code. Existing Tesla owners will also receive free unlimited Supercharging on any new Model S or Model X that they purchase – no referral required.”


1 Qualifying Referral: Founders Series Tesla Model S for Kids
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2 Qualifying Referrals: Early Access Token for Solar Roof
Be one of the first to get Solar Roof with this early-access token for priority scheduling of a Solar Roof installation. If you do not use this award, the token may be given to a friend.

3 Qualifying Referrals21” Arachnid Wheels
Enhance the performance of your Model S with exclusive 21” forged-aluminum Arachnid wheels in silver. These are not available to the public and will be available for installation in August for winners in this program.

4 Qualifying Referrals: Founders Series Powerwall 2
Store energy for future use and provide backup power with this red, limited-production Powerwall 2 home battery. This edition is not available to the public and will be available for installation starting Fall 2017 for winners in this program. Installation charges may apply.

5 Qualifying ReferralsTesla Semi Truck Unveil Invitation
Experience the official unveil of our semi truck this September. Your VIP invitation is valid for you and one guest.

Ludicrous P100D Model S or Model X and Private SpaceX Tours
Each qualifying referral gets you one entry into our Referral Program drawing. The next drawing will take place on June 30, 2017.  Ok you miss it….but there be others.

  • Ludicrous P100D Model S or Model X + Private SpaceX Tour: One referrer will win a Ludicrous P100D Model S or Model X as well as a private tour for four of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, including travel and accommodations. SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX headquarters is not open to the public.
  • SpaceX Tour: Five referrers will win a tour for four of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, including travel and accommodations.

Thank you for helping to accelerate our transition to sustainable energy.


“Referral order vehicles must be actually delivered to qualify for awards. Used vehicles are not eligible. Model 3 orders are not eligible. Limit of 5 referrals per owner. Referral code must be applied at the time of order and cannot be added after the order has been placed. Free unlimited Supercharging will only apply to the original vehicle owner and only for the duration of original vehicle ownership. Referral codes may be shared and applied in any country where Model S and Model X are available, in accordance with local terms and conditions.”

“SpaceX tours are subject to the visitor meeting facility entrance eligibility criteria. Program and awards are conditional on and subject to local laws and regulations.”

“The customer may not be an employee, legal representative or partner of Tesla or any Affiliate of Tesla. Nothing in the Referral Program shall be deemed to create any kind of relationship between the referrer and Tesla or any of Tesla’s Affiliates. The referrer has no authority to represent or bind Tesla. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Program structure and awards including the Semi Unveil Invitation may be updated on or after August 15, 2017.”

Good Faith
“We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing, advertising, publishing, mass distributing or selling referral codes is not appropriate, and we will not honor such codes. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.”

Tesla used to offer free Supercharger access to all new owners, but the electric carmaker revealed in January that Tesla owners must pay a fee to fill up their cars on the network. As part of Tesla’s new Supercharger policy, anyone who purchased a car in January or later gets 1,000 miles worth of free Supercharger credits before the pay-per-use model kicks in.

This was a big disappointment for anyone who was planning to buy a Model S or Model X at the start of the new year.

Although the Supercharger fee is very small, the move still stripped free access to Tesla’s biggest customer perk.

It’s still fairly difficult to find an electric charging station in certain regions. Tesla’s Supercharger network is not only extensive, but quick; Supercharging restores 170 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Now new Tesla owners will have the option to unlock free Supercharger access, as long as they know the right people. Anyone who purchased a Model S or Model X when the new policy went into effect can still unlock free Supercharger access retroactively if they find a referral code.


Asked a referral code from a friend,

you will have to pay for access once you’ve reached 1,000 miles. Thankfully, it’s a small fee.

The Model 3 offers a ton of space for a passenger sedan.

The car, which seats five, can even fit a 7-foot surfboard.

Tesla will offer a glass roof as an option on the Model 3.

Just like it does with the Model S,

Tesla will offer an some premium features, such as the glass roof, and the purchase 18- or 19-inch wheels.

Tesla opened its glass division in October to make its solar roofs. The group is developing glass that can use heating elements to clear snow while generating energy. Musk said this kind of glass could be used as a rear defroster on cars, but it’s unclear whether we will see this technology on the Model 3.

The sedan features a clean design.

Like the Model X, the handles are flush with the door.

It also comes with a massive 15-inch tablet. But unlike the tablets in the Model S and Model X, the display is horizontal.

Reorienting the touchscreen might make it easier to access different features while driving.

It all about the charging system.

With the flap on the back or referred to as the charge bay door can be open or  closed  manually by a button or by the app that works for Model S and X.

The charger cable is 32A and 40A for base and long range models

The charging bay appear to be  much bigger so you would  accept a CSS combo port.

But we been told …that not going to happen.

Some earlier movements have spotted several Model S or X around with the charging flap open but I would assume they will get it fixed.

More to come

Model 3 60

Model 3 75

Model 3 60 D

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