Charging Etiquette

A few years ago, you were not looking for a charging stations for your plug-in electric vehicle (PEV). There was no need  for offering free power and prime parking to those who wanted a quick charge . Besides there weren’t any PEVs on the road.

Today, there’s a different story.

PEVs are more popular  today because one can travel further with longer ranges, ludicrous power, and now we need more power and need to charge more quickly.

But its tougher to find a parking spot to charge.

Many such charging spots provide free power and prime parking.

In order to  avoid  the problem  there are a few rules we all need to abide by.

Plan ahead. If your battery is flashing red, and you need a charge now..don’t wait or you find  the spot occupied.

Make sure you have all the extra cables needed in case you have to improvise. (see our list of products)

It’s one of personal responsibility.

If your down to the last 20 percent.

Know that the batteries charge quickly to  the halfway point. As the charge continues to 80 percent, the charging slows to a trickle.

So if you have the time top it off…. that last additional 50 miles to improve  your range, but its going take while.

Charge up, then move out.

Give the other like minded a chance.  Park elsewhere when your trickling’s done.

Don’t hog the free-parking

Don’t personalize it. If you parked there since you bought your  new electric car remember your neighbor who just took delivery of hers will also want a charge.

If you’re not plugged in, don’t park. Though this should go without saying, give your fellow charger a break.

Remember Tesla owned AC charging stations are for Tesla cars.

Just because you have  J1772 charging connector does not mean you can plug into  a Nissan, Ford or Chevy  dealer Service Center…especially with out asking.

To drive up to any  these sites for any reason without asking even though no one is there or if after hours could still be a big problem  unless you have their  brand of car and are authorize to be there.

Ok,  so you still need a charge .

Do you  have a public network card?

 Like ChargePoint card?

Or Blink Network card?

How about  EVgo Card?

Oh, you in Europe try PluginSurfing or Pluggedinmidlands

Other come to mind:

Like Greenlots, EVconnect, Evsolutions, AeroVironment,  SemaConnect, etc).

How about free… Goggle “free plugin”

Ask first if you don’t have a public access charge card. 

If there’s a question about plugging in anywhere, we  recommend getting permission first.

But just because you have EZ-Charge card does NOT grant permission for use it at any charging stations, anywhere, at any time.

Other Concerns

Back to the Charge

We see that many manufactures of electric cars have donated charge stations to  hotels, motels, restaurant, malls and the like… for what purpose to increase revenue….  for example Tesla. Tesla charging station is  intended for the use for Tesla owners while at that hotel. Other like BMW, Chevy, Ford  Nissan,  Kia, or others have donated thousands of charging stations around the world.

The point here is,  every one should be courtesy and show respect to our like mined neighbor.

Need More Planing.

Most of the current manufactures have software in the vehicle that lists all the nearest charging stations .

Use an app. There are a variety of apps that list  charging stations in any city.

There are many  For-profit  charging stations using apps that that not only point you to stations, but tell you if a spot is occupied.

Be aware of busy times. Don’t expect to find a spot at mall during prime shopping hours.


What other concern should we be aware of?

In California, we see a big turn of events.

Where most of the utilities companies are adding charging stations as a revenue stream . Why? Because the tax payers will end up paying for it and then the utility companies will also charge for the service.

They are also adding large battery back up stations in case they loose their Grid.

In Florida, they use the pro oil concept. Do not Go Green.

 Rick Scott the Governor Florida believes…they must protect the oil interests.

What he fails to realize is  that tourist from other states drive cars to Florida and need Charging Stations .

They have not figure out that Electric Charging Stations are a revenue stream .     

Look to the future.

As technology changes expect that more PEVs and that will mean more charging spots .

Think Green. If you are interest in conservation, you can do your part by charging up overnight in your garage.

                 You might want link your home charging station to a home solar array.

Buy a new car. Have you seen the new Chevy Bolt?