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But What About My Home Charger?

Like the supercharger, Tesla give you the items needed to hook up the home installation.

Oh so you thought.

You just bought your new charged Tesla from the dealer, or just pulled into my garage, hoping to it plug in, and then wake up the next morning fully charged.

Wait a minute, you suddenly realize the plug in does not fit any deviceI have in the what do I do?

Certainly the salesmen told you that you must prepare your home for charging your new car.

That requires you to hire an electrician to install an outlet near where you park your vehicle.

The most convenient placement to the charge the car is on the driver’s side rear tail light. Keep in mind that the comes with 20 feet charging connector cord and 120 volt NEMA 5-15 adapter.
Most customers want install a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet which will charge their Tesla vehicle at the rate of about 30 miles of range each hour. Which I might add comes with the new car.

What are opportunities for home charging?

Hire a licensed electrician to prepare your home.

Give electrician a time table with delivery date.

Most electricians will need to visit the home to provide an accurate quote.

You need to know if your electrical system has enough power available for home charging. That means if you add the entire current house load, then estimate the additional room needed for my new charging station?

In order for the electrician to calculate a load of all existing circuits he must remove the cover from the panel to use his equipment that measure the load.

After determining what additional equipment will be needed and length from where new charger will be placed, your electrician will put together a set of plans and the cost.

Every installation is different. Every city have different requirements.

Permits must be applied from the local or city building department before and only then: after they blessed, can you proceed and only then the work can begin. The installation itself typically takes less than a day, although some larger projects may require several return visits.

Several Contractors have prepackages installation kits [See link below}

Most building departments then require a follow-up inspection to sign off on the original permit. The main reason for these requirements are to protect us and our neighbors and it also provides information to the power companies that also need to keep up with the growing demand.

The electrician will need to meet the inspector on-site to review and sign off on the installation. Building departments inspectors usually work between (9PM and 3PM).

Don’t delay contacting an electrician; the installation of an outlet can take up to a month or more to complete. So how did that only take a day to complete.

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